Configure Common Places in "File Picker" dialogs (open file, save file, etc.)

If you are using Windows Vista operating system, you probably noticed that, in terms of purpose, the "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%" directory have replaced "My Documents". Now, for instance, "My Music" or "My Pictures" are now siblings of "My Documents" rather than being its children.

This new data organization is much more coherent and I would like to apply it on my old Windows XP operating system.

But Windows uses a nickname for the folder "My Documents" and whenever you try to go to the parent folder, you actually end up in "My Computer". This means that there is no convenient way to quickly access "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%" and that you have to browse each time from the root directory. And this is particularly annoying in the "&Open File" and "&Save File" dialog windows :(

Fortunately a little modification to the registry allows you to change your favorite places displayed in the sidebar.

More information about this manipulation can be found on the MSDN at this address: Cutting Edge: Customize Your Open File Dialog -- MSDN Magazine ...

And, below, is a screenshot of the manipulation:

-- Edited 2008-09-22:

I just discovered another way to do this: download "TweakUI" (Power Toys for Windows XP)... much simpler!